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New Ficlet... Whoa!

Summer Daze - R (LoVe)

Spelling mistakes? Yeah those are mine. Characters? Yeah those are RT's....

Summer Daze - R (LoVe) 1/1
Logan Echolls, king of the 09ers, son of movie stars, and absolute pussy, sat parked across the street from the lot where the Neptune High Pep Squad was holding its annual car wash. His eyes were narrowly focused on one of the girls who was making quite a show out of scrubbing the hood of a classic ‘vette in her white T-shirt and tiny green shorts. He clenched a souvenir shot glass in his hand tightly, only breaking his intense gaze momentarily to eye a letter resting on his dashboard. Logan swallowed a lump in his throat as he prepared to get out of the car when the loud rumbling of a motorcycle engine stopped him in his tracks. He watched, silently fuming, as the girl he had been eyeing leaned over to another girl and whispered something in her ear before hopping on the back of the motorcycle. She wrapped herself seductively around the driver of the bike before both figures sped out of view. When Logan was calm enough to focus once again he noticed that his hand, the hand he had been holding the shot glass in, was bleeding and he was now clenching shards of glass. Cursing under his breath he threw the remnants of the souvenir out his window and wiped his hand on his pants before peeling away from the scene.


Veronica Mars was perfectly oblivious to Logan’s presence, but her head snapped up from her spot beside an SUV at the car wash when the sound of screeching tires ripped through the air, startling her. Veronica looked up in time to see the fleeting outline of a yellow X-Terra disappear down the street. She sighed loudly to herself as Lilly’s words ‘I’ve got a secret… a good one,’ echoed in her ears. The mysterious motorcycle and her friend’s sudden withdrawal began to make all too much sense at that moment. Veronica Mars shook her head as the realization of what her friend was up to dawned on her. While Veronica may be pegged by some as a bit naïve, she was certainly no fool. She knew Lilly Kane could be mean, but she had never realized just how cruel her friend could be. Veronica shuddered as thoughts of another Kane, Lilly’s brother Duncan, came to mind, reminding her that despite their demure appearances and reputable name any Kane was capable of anything. It was then that she decided she ought to check on Logan. Since his break up with Lilly a few days ago he had been persona non grata at the Kane house leaving him alienated from his best friend in his time of need. This was something Veronica knew all too well as she rarely went to the Kane house since Duncan, without rhyme or reason, stopped acknowledging her mere existence.


Glancing at her watch Veronica wandered over to Meg, another member of the Pep Squad. “I don’t suppose you could cover for me?” she asked casually.


Meg gave her a suspicious eye before smiling at her. “Hot date?” Meg inquired with a grin.


“I wish,” Veronica replied easily as she rolled her eyes dramatically in jest giving her time to come up with a story to explain her would-be absence. “It seems my monthly visitor has decided to come early.”


Meg gave her a sheepish smile. “Oh! Yeah, there’s only another hour left. I think we can manage things here without you.”


“Great. You’re a life saver.” Veronica called out, almost at her car as soon as Meg agreed to cover for her.


It was only once she had slid into the driver’s seat of her LeBaron that Veronica realized that she didn’t know where Logan went. Racking her brain she came up with the two most likely places: the beach or the pool house. Starting up the engine she decided to start at the pool house, as searching the beach could take awhile. Driving almost on autopilot she reached the Echolls front gates in what felt like no time. After snaking up the driveway she hit pay dirt, Logan’s solar flare of a vehicle. Veronica wandered around the grounds until she reached the path to the pool house. She made her way to the door and knocked firmly.


No answer. “Logan, it’s Veronica, let me in… I know you’re there, I can hear your mopey emo music,” she exclaimed, ear pressed to the door. After a minute she heard some wrestling, then the door flew open unexpectedly, revealing a shirtless Logan clad only in his swimming trunks.


Veronica swallowed hard. “I saw you leaving from the Pep Squad car wash.”


Logan stared at her long and hard, causing Veronica to shift uncomfortably under his intense gaze. “What do you want Ver-on-ica?” Logan asked flopping down on a couch in front of her.


“I- I don’t know. I thought you were in TJ, then I saw your X-terra at the car wash. I mean you must have seen… Lilly. I thought you could use a friend.” She stammered awkwardly, looking at anything but Logan.


He snorted in response. “How noble of you. Sweet little Veronica looking out for her best friend’s discards. Tell me, will you be doing this for Paco too when Lilly inevitably fucks him over?”


“Of course not, and you don’t have to be an asshole, you know? We are friends, Logan. At least I thought we were. I guess I just thought…”


“What? You thought what?” Logan jumped in, interrupting Veronica mid-sentence. “You figured you’d try to clean up Lilly’s mess so that everyone can keep thinking she’s little miss perfect princess, driven into the arms of a Mexican biker by her terrible, neglectful ex? And as for us being friends you made things clear to me when you ran to Lilly to tell her about my kissing Yolanda.” Logan snapped.


“What do you want to hear from me Logan? Lilly’s my best friend, and you did kiss Yolanda. Don’t even try to tell me you wouldn’t have done the same thing when I was seeing Duncan if you had seen me do that. And if you really don’t think we’re friends then I’m sorry I came over. I know what it’s like to be screwed over by a Kane sibling too, you know. When Duncan stopped talking to me… It was….” Veronica had to stop as tears welled up in her eyes.


Seeing Veronica Mars cry just about tore out Logan’s heart for a second time that day. Logan sighed, visibly softening his demeanor. “Look I’m sorry. I’m pissed at Lilly and I’m taking it out on you. You don’t deserve that, and you’re right, about the Yolanda thing and us being friends. I’m sorry I wasn’t a better one when Duncan was being such an ass. You definitely didn’t deserve that and I told him as much.”


Blinking back tears Veronica couldn’t help but feel a tad flattered. “You did?”


Logan gave her a sly smile. “I told DK that he was an idiot, that he was lucky to land you in the first place and that if you were my girl I’d have fought tooth and claw to keep you.”


Veronica couldn’t help but blush at his admission. “Well for the record I’ve always hated the way Lilly would toy with you. She treated you like crap and it’s just like a Kane to treat people like disposable objects.”


A tight smile crossed Logan’s face. “Don’t worry about it, Veronica. When it comes to Lilly Kane I gave as good as I got. It’s weird you know. I’m angry at Lilly, but at the same time I also feel relieved. That’s why I came back from TJ early. I bought her this shot glass that said ‘I got baked in Ensenada’ on it. I was going to leave it in her car at the car wash with this letter I wrote telling her that this break up was the last one. We both deserve people who make us happy, et cetera, et cetera. It was the kind of letter I know she’d laugh at, but I needed her to know.”


Veronica sat down on the couch beside Logan. “I wish I got something like that from Duncan. I mean at this point I’m over the relationship; I just wish I knew if it was something I did or didn’t do or what. It’s the not knowing that gets to me.”


“Don’t torment yourself with those thoughts. Believe me they don’t get you anywhere and this room is only big enough for one tortured soul,” Logan tried to joke in an effort to lighten the mood.


Noticing the sad smile on her face, Logan reached over, placing a hand on her cheek gently turning her head to meet his. “Veronica… you are way too good for Duncan Kane, and way too beautiful to frown.”


The corner of her lips turned up at Logan’s admission as a light blush spread across her features. Licking her lips Veronica was suddenly very aware that Logan’s hand was still resting on cheek. “You shouldn’t say stuff like that…” she said breathlessly.


Logan could feel his heart begin to race as Veronica made no effort to move his hand. “Probably not, but I can’t seem to stop myself,” Logan answered in complete honesty.


Veronica stared into his eyes searching for… something, some speck of insincerity, or worse regret, but found none. “What is going on with us?” Veronica asked with a nervous laugh.


Logan’s eyes darkened as he answered, “I don’t know, but if you don’t want to find out I suggest you leave now, because I can tell you that what I’m feeling for you right now… are not feelings one friend should have for another. It’s something…more.”


With shaky resolve Veronica placed her hand lightly over Logan’s, rubbing her face into his palm. Logan inhaled a sharp, surprised breath. This was sweet Veronica Mars, and he was the town deviant, she wasn’t supposed to reciprocate his more-then-friendly feelings. Unconsciously he began rubbing the pad of his thumb across her cheek causing Veronica’s eyes to flutter closed and a gentle sigh to escape her lips.


Logan?” she asked with eyes still closed.


He responded, startled from his thoughts, “Yeah?”


Biting her lip Veronica continued, “Are you going to kiss me or what?”


Needing no further impetus Logan closed the space between them and tenderly placed his lips over hers. He remained still for a moment reveling in the softness of Veronica’s lips and the taste of her lip gloss until the feel of her tongue running across the seam of his mouth spurred him into action.


Veronica threaded her fingers through Logan’s hair, pulling him on top of her as she slid down the length of the couch. Logan moaned into her mouth as new areas of skin made exhilarating contact. Running his hands down her sides, Logan toyed with the hem of Veronica’s Pep Squad T-shirt before slipping his hands under the fabric and back up her ribs. Subconsciously, Veronica responded by arching her back granting Logan better access. With trembling, but determined hands he cupped her breasts over her bra, skimming his thumbs over the firm peaks that greeted him in response.


Breaking the kiss, Logan stared tenderly into Veronica’s eyes. “Sorry,” at her confused look he continued after running an anxious hand through his hair, “I’m usually better at this.”


Running her hands up and down his arms Veronica tried to reassure him, “I think you’re doing pretty well. Not that I’d really know… I realize I’m not the kind of girl you usually go for.” Breaking the stare, Veronica proceeded to bite her lip and count ceiling tiles.


“You’re right, you’re not,” Logan paused, forcing her to look at him before explaining, “You’re the kind of girl I dream about because I’d never stand a chance in hell of being lucky enough to be with someone like you, nor do I deserve to be with. But here you are, beyond any explanation I can come up with.”


Veronica swallowed hard, absorbing his words. “I’m here, Logan, because I know you, the real you beyond the psychotic jackassery and loud mouth party boy. I’m sorry Logan Echolls, but deep down you’re a marshmallow.”


Logan couldn’t contain his wide grin at the sincerity of her words or the meaningful twinkle in her eye. “I swear to God, Veronica, nothing, and I mean nothing, in the world compares to this, right now with you here. I was beginning to think happiness was a myth…”


Veronica smiled in response as Logan resumed kissing her, assaulting her lips and neck in a frenzy of licking, sucking and playful nipping causing Veronica to writhe beneath him in a rapid succession of involuntary spasms. If her body were a tuning fork, Logan certainly seemed to know her frequency. Sliding her T-shirt up and his body down, he licked a hot stripe along the length of her stomach, ending the trail above the waist band of her shorts.


Veronica’s hand flew down to the garment, stopping Logan in his tracks. “I wasn’t going to…”


“Shh,” Veronica interrupted, “I know.” And with that she proceeded to remove the offending fabric.


Staring down at Veronica Mars, flushed from making out and in nothing but a flimsy white T-shirt and a pair of light pink cotton string bikini panties was almost enough to bring Logan to his climax as his dick strained and throbbed inside his swimsuit. Grabbing the hem of the T-shirt again he motioned to remove it. “May I?” was all he could manage. Biting her lip, Veronica nodded.


“So beautiful,” he breathed, drinking in the sight of her laid out beneath him.


Logan?” Veronica roused him from thought, “I want to… see you… all of you,” she hesitated before blushing furiously to her hair line.


Unashamedly, Logan stood up and stripped off his swim trunks, freeing his straining erection. Veronica couldn’t help but stare; she had never seen such a free display of the naked male form. Even when she was dating Duncan any nudity was covered by blankets or darkness, but before Veronica had finished appreciating the view Logan was back on top of her, covering her body with his own, and grinding his erection against her belly as he began his inspection of her breasts.


He kissed her left shoulder as he slid the strap of her bra down her arm before kissing his way across her clavicle and repeating the move on her right side. Logan then moved his hand to cup each breast as he sucked at a pulse point on the side of Veronica’s neck. With one hand he snaked an arm around her back and unfastened the clasp of her bra allowing him to remove it completely. Covering one nipple with his mouth he rolled it into a firm peak with his tongue as he massaged the other breast with his hand before switching tongue for hand and vice verse. Using his other free hand Logan rubbed and stroked the damp fabric between her thighs. Veronica moaned loudly with pleasure and wrapped her legs around Logan’s waist hooking her ankles together effectively locking them in place against one another.


Reaching down with a tentative hand, Veronica ran her finger tips over the head of Logan’s dick eliciting a strangled cry from him. Veronica was surprised to find him so turned as she felt the silky moisture of his pre-cum on her fingers. Emboldened by Logan’s fervent reaction she wrapped a small hand around his shaft and experimentally began to pump his cock varying her speed and grip with Logan’s groans. Gently, Logan reached down and removed her hand from around his member.


With a sheepish smile he explained, “If you keep that up this is going to be over a lot faster than I want it to be.”


Veronica nodded slowly before asking the question Logan was dreading. Leaning up on her elbows and covering her bare breasts with her hands she hesitantly asked, “Just what is this?”


Logan didn’t know how to answer that question because he didn’t know himself just what was going on; if it was two friends comforting each other, them sticking it to Lilly and Duncan or something else altogether. Rolling on to his side next to Veronica Logan gave her the only answer he could, “I don’t know. I know what I want it to be, but I’m only half the equation. What do you want this to be?”


Veronica contemplated the question carefully. “I want this to be you and me; I don’t want to be just another girl you’ve been with. I- I want you, all of you.”


Logan was quiet for a long moment. Veronica began to feel panicked and very exposed. She moved a hand to reach for her T-shirt, covering both breasts with one arm just then Logan grabbed her wrist.


“If you don’t know by now that you’ve always had me…” Veronica quickly cut him off with a lingering kiss.


“Make love to me,” she whispered in a husky voice against his ear.




“I know what you’re going to say. I know we don’t have to, but I want to. No one has ever made me feel this way. I want this, Logan. I trust you, so please trust me.”


Logan inhaled a long deep breath letting her words wash over him. “I do trust you, it’s me I don’t trust; I know that as soon as we get to the main event if you will that I won’t be able to stop myself and the last thing I would *ever* want to do is hurt you.”


Placing a tender hand on his cheek while looking deep into his eyes Veronica did her best to allay his concerns, “I’m not made of porcelain, I’m not going to break. Believe me, I want this as much as you do.”


With the last of his resolve shattered he gathered Veronica up in his arms in one fell swoop and deposited her on the pool house bed. Quickly sprinting to the bathroom, Logan grabbed a condom and was back positioning himself above Veronica before she had a chance to miss him.


Holding the foil packet up he offered it to her, “Do you want to…?”


“All yours big boy,” Veronica answered with a nervous laugh.


Opening the square carefully, Logan removed its contents and proceeded to roll it down the length of his cock as Veronica watched on intently. With everything in place Logan positioned himself at her opening, the head of his erection pressing against Veronica’s aroused clit.


Inhaling a shaky breath Logan guided Veronica’s hand down to his dick. “I want you to put it in.”


Slowly, Veronica began to guide him into her core, biting her lip at the discomfort.


“God… you’re so tight,” Logan’s voice came out in a strangled cry.


Sensing Veronica’s uneasiness Logan reached a hand down between them, removing her hand from his shaft before rubbing the pad of his thumb across her clit. “Just relax. We’ll take this slow. I want you to feel good too.”


Veronica moaned in pleasure as his words came out in hot puffs of breath against her ear. Using his hands and tongue to distract her, Logan continued to slide his length inside her until he was all the way in. Moving with slow almost painful precision Logan began to slip in and out with ease.


Having adjusted to the not-so-foreign-body inside her, Veronica began to move with him, wrapping her legs around him to lock their hips together. Setting the pace she began to move faster and faster, reveling in the feeling of Logan slamming into her.


“Oh God, Veronica… You’re going to make me…” With a guttural growl Logan collapsed on top of her. “Cum,” he smirked.


Grinning Veronica placed a sweet kiss on the tip of Logan’s nose before he rolled off her and ambled to the bathroom to clean up. When he came back he found Veronica sitting up in the bed with her T-shirt on as he sided up next to her.


Placing feather light kisses on her shoulder Logan could barely contain his goofy grin. “You know, if you give me a second chance I’ll make that up to you.”


“It’s not a matter of ‘if’ you owe me, Echolls,” Veronica teased.


“So,” he began slowly, “no regrets?”


Veronica shook her head. “You?”


“Not a one.”


Taking one of Logan’s hands Veronica question, “Do you think that while we’re figuring things out that we could keep this to ourselves?”


He gave her a face of mock sadness, “Ashamed of me already?”


“You know I’m not. It’s just, this is new and it’s nobody’s business but our own.”


Giving her hand a reassuring squeeze Logan smiled, “You’re right, but I reserve the right to one day proclaim my affection from the cafeteria table tops.”


“See, total marshmallow,” she teased. 


I need feedback like I need air! Someone rescue me....


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Jul. 6th, 2007 12:37 pm (UTC)
yeah so ive totally missed your fics. where you been?? this was damn good. i love the honesty that they had with each other and the gentleness of logan. i would love to see how the two of them would have been if they would have gotten together before lilly died and hell entered their lives. another kick ass story. great job :):):):)
Jul. 6th, 2007 04:38 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked it! After season 3 I must say I was a bit off VM and real life as always seemed to get in the way (graduating, working, etc.) But I've got some R&R in near future, and after watching season 1 I was bitten by the inspiration bug, so hopefully there'll be more to come. Thanks for reading!!!
Jul. 12th, 2007 01:48 am (UTC)
I've read your stories, at least the 3 I found, and let me tell you, they're perfect. Pre-series fics are my favorite, and this one was no exception. Hope to see more.
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